Hello, my name is Jeanel Alvarado


I am a  full-time entrepreneur who graduated from business school with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing, and also hold diplomas/certifications in Fashion Marketing & Buying, Real Estate, and Business Management (Project Mgmt). 


I dedicate a large sum of my time to mentorship and consulting for artists, brands and creatives in the fashion, film and entertainment industry. I am a do-it-yourself type of woman, who is always learning new skills and providing value to my clients in various fields.

Hire me to create, manage and execute your next project


Well, I'm the #1 person who gets shit done around here.


I'm professional, fast and reliable. I hire only the best talent for the job, with your particular project aesthetic, concept and direction in-mind.

I have a keen eye for marketing and branding that ensures your content is on brand, connects with your audience, and is positioned to generate sales.

Let's get coffee, email me to set up a time to chat jeanelalvarado@gmail.com

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